As a full service real estate company, Access Property Services, Inc. offers a comprehensive list of services that the company tailors to meet the specific needs of the clients on both a fee and equity basis. The company works diligently on behalf of the clients to place them in the best position possible for making prudent real estate decisions. The team endeavors to be one step ahead of the market to create maximum value for the clients and applies this approach when providing any of the following services.



Source, evaluate, negotiate, document, finance, and close real estate investments. Access sources third-party sellers/buyers both through the brokerage community and through direct contacts. Access evaluates all aspects of the investment on a qualitative and quantitative basis. The Company negotiates and oversees counsel's documentation of the transaction in order to minimize risk and maximize the investment opportunity. Access oversees and completes the closing of the transaction inclusive of any post-closing matters.



Creation of portfolio/property ownership strategies/business plans that focus on both the creation and preservation of equity while maximizing the value of the asset. Uncompromising attention is applied to the physical plant issues of the asset, the market in terms of both macro and micro aspects, property operations inclusive of budgeting as well as insight into legal and tax solutions, and financing in conjunction with qualified tax, accounting and legal professionals.



Access acts as an Owners' Representative for landowners and investors and companies seeking new facilities or tenant improvement to developing for its own account.



Oversee the negotiation, origination and documentation of new investments. Also responsible for implementation of acquisition strategy, policy and procedures including the screening process, due diligence, financial modeling and evaluation of all potential acquisitions.